"An Association Dwelling Richly in the Wisdom of Christ through Study, Meditation and Application"

Colosians 3:16













President - Deacon Freddie Lathan



Who Are We?

A Brotherhood Union is a group, few or many, of consecrated men working together as a team to provide and support the whole program of the church and denomination.
The embryo of the brotherhood is a Biblical conception, “Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness.
To provide in condensed form some of the basic facts about the Brotherhood as the means of sharing information, that will inspire and invigorate.
Our Motto
Teach the Word in the home, with a consecrated heart
Following the footsteps of the Savior
Leading all men to God
Policy of the Brotherhood
     We advocate certain practices, principles, and ideals:

  1. Regard for Leadership
  2. Under girding the whole program of the church
  3. Respect for the rights of others
  4. The absolute duty of each brother to live a Christ-like life
  5. The necessity of temperance
  6. The obligation of every brother to pay his tithe
  7. The right of every brother to use his talent and the opportunity to develop his faculties
  8. To deepen spirituality
          9.   To promote religious intelligence and to lead the lost to Christ
All men members of Pacific District Churches are automatically members of the District Brotherhood
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