"An Association Dwelling Richly in the Wisdom of Christ through Study, Meditation and Application"

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alexander Sis. Carol J. Alexander

The goal of the Nurses Auxiliary is to provide Christ centered compassionate care and comfort to those in need in our congregations and the community within the limitations of our training.

We may be called upon to provide a  variety of services including providing services to our pastors, first aid, emotional support at funerals, support for the emotionally aroused during services, organizing health fairs and disseminating health education materials.

Requirements for membership in the Nurses Auxiliary include the following:

  1. Approval of membership must be obtained from your pastor.
  2. Passing the Basic First Aid and CPR class from the American Red Cross.
  3. Wearing a white uniform and cap (males excluded) and white closed toe shoes.
  4. Have a sincere willingness to serve.

We meet on the third Saturday of each month, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  We rotate the meeting place among the various churches in the District. 

For further information, please contact Carol J. Alexander at 323-839-2287.

President Emeritus Bro. Willie C. Williams  
1st Vice President Sis. Dolly Rogers  
2nd Vice President Sis. Dorothy Hamilton  
Corres. Secretary Sis. Gennie Britton  
Financial Secretary Sis. Lucylle Smith  
Treasurer Sis. Naomi Crabtree  
Historian Sis. Doll Daniels  
Chaplain Sis. Dorothy Williams  
Youth Coordinator Sis. Carol Heisel